Ahmed Z.

Web Developer and Designer

What’s your creative profession, and what led you to pursue it?

As a web developer and designer, I recognize the critical balance between functionality and design in creating websites. My approach integrates both technical expertise and a keen eye for design for a great UXUI.

The process of creating a website from scratch makes me think out of the box creatively which is very interesting and different from structuring the backend functionality of any site. Using both the right and left side of the brain is a very healthy thing to do and I enjoy it.

How has your journey been so far?

Around 2008, I kicked off my career as an IT support engineer, fixing computers and helping users with tech issues. A friend and I tried building a website, but it didn’t work out. That setback made me curious about web development.

After earning a second bachelor’s degree in BA e-commerce, I dove deeper into web stuff. That journey led me to create my own WordPress Web Agency. Now, I blend my skills to make cool and impactful digital experiences.

What unique challenges or frustrations have you faced as a Muslim creative? 

As a Muslim with an Arab background, I encountered challenges in the US, particularly when engaging with non-Arab clients from specific demographics. This situation sometimes felt limiting, as I needed to navigate around stereotypes to ensure my abilities weren’t underestimated while working on projects.

What are you currently working on? 

I am currently working for a company as a web developer (full-time) while running my agency in my free time. Additionally, I have co-founded Muslim-Creatives.com which is a social platform for creative and underrepresented Muslims.

On top of my daily work and tasks, I am always interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and I have developed some little tools that are helping me in my daily work.

Which individuals within the Muslim creative community do you admire?

Within the web design world, I do admire Imran from Web Squadron. You can find his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@websquadron/videos

I also follow Ali Abdaal who is famous for productivity tips, you can find his YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@aliabdaal/videos

What kinds of opportunities are you actively seeking or hoping to explore within your creative journey?

I always strive to enhance my web development and design skills. I am also working on expanding my freelance work to reach more clients and help make the web a better place for local businesses and community members here in Muslim Creatives.

What are your long-term goals as a Muslim creative?

My long-term goals are to grow my Web Agency and collaborate within the Muslim community to create better websites and share my technical and business knowledge to benefit everyone.

How can people get in touch to collaborate with you?

If you need help with your existing website or need a brand new website for yourself or your company, feel free to DM me within Muslim Creatives platform by visiting my profile page here.

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